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      English generic name: Malathion
      Alias: 1,2-bis(ethoxycarbonyl)ethyl O,O-dimethyl phosphorodithioate
      Molecular formula: C10H19O6PS2
      Molecular weight: 330.36
      Melting point: 2.9-3.7°C
      Boiling point: 156-159°C  (0.093kPa)
      Relative density: 1.23
      Vapour pressure: 5.3*10-5kpa(30°C )
      Appearance: Pure product is colorless or light yellow oily liquid with garlic odor; industrial product has dark brown color and strong odor.
      Toxicity: Malathion is low-toxicity insecticide. TC acute oral for female rat per os LD50 is 1751.5 mg/kg, male rat per os LD50 is 1634.5 mg/kg, big rat per cutem LD50 is 4000--6150 mg/kg. It highly toxic to bees and has irritation to eyes and skin.
      Features: Malathion has good tag out effect and a certain fumigation effect but no systemic effect. It will be oxidized to malaoxon when getting into pest body. When getting into warm-blooded animals, it will lose toxicity. Malathion has low toxicity and short residual period and is effective to sucking and chewing pests. It is suitable to prevent tabacco, tea and mulberry from pests and also to control storage pests.
      Matters need attention
      1. This product is flammable. Kept away from fire source during storage and transportation.
      2. Poisoning symptoms include headache, dizziness, nausea, weakness, sweating, vomiting, salivation, blurred vision, miosis, convulsions, coma, muscle fibrillation, pulmonary edema, etc. When mistake poisoning, sent to hospital for treatment immediately. Inject 1-2mg atropine and induce vomiting. Upper respiratory tract irritation can drink a small amount of milk and soda. Use warm water to rinse when eyes contaminated. Use 20% soda wet bandage to dress when skin inflamed.

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