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      Product name: fenvalerate
      Molecular formula: C25H22ClNO3
      Molecular weight: 419.9
      Chemical name: (S)-α-cyano-3-phenoxybenzyl(S)-2-(4-chlorophenyl)-3-methylbutyrate
      Alias: Sumi-alpha; Phenvalerate; Belmark
      1. Properties
      TC is brown viscous liquid; specific gravity is 1.25 (26 °C ); the boiling point is higher than 200 °C  (1.0m mHg); melting point is 59.0 ~ 60.2 °C ; vapour pressure is 2.6 × 10-7mmHg (20°C ). Almost insoluble in water, well soluble in xylene, acetone, chloroform and other organic solvents. Ignition point is 420 °C ; flashing point is higher than 200 °C . Can be stored for over 2 years at room temperature.
      2. Use
      It is suitable for the pest control of cotton, fruit tree, vegetable and other crops. Control object includes coleoptera, diptera, hemiptera, lepidoptera and orthoptera pests, such as corn borer, aphids, cabbage moth, cabbage butterfly, codling moth, apple aphid, cotton aphid, peach borer and so on.
      3. Toxicity
      Fenvalerate is medium toxicity pesticide. TC acute oral LD50 is 451mg/kg; acute percutaneous LD50> 5000mg/kg and acute inhalation LC50> 101mg/m3. It has mild skin irritation and moderate eye irritation in rabbit. There is no mutagenic, teratogenic and carcinogenic effects. Theere is great toxicity to fish and aquatic animals, small to birds and safe to bees.
      4. Feature Fenvalerate has broad spectrum, no selectivity of natural enemy, mainly kills pests by contact and stomach toxicity, no systemic or fumigation.
      5. Form 20% Fenvalerate missible oil
      6. Application scope This product has good effect on lepidotera larvae and also on homoptera, orthoptera and hemiptera insects but no effect on mite. It is suitable for cotton, fruit tree, vegetable, tea, soybean, wheat, etc.

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